Been busy living my life ...

Midsummer in London

Midsummer in London

 ...and figuring out how the next chapter of my journey will look like.

I’m about to move to Finland next month. When I look back to this last year from June to June I feel so lucky. I’ve had the best (and also quite tough) time this year and I’ve learned so much! I truly have.

I was visiting my American “sister” Lily (I lived with her family during my exchange year in the USA when I was 18) in Scotland about a week ago. And when I was explaining her about my experience and all the mind blowing things I’ve discovered, it then really hit me how much new and valuable information I’ve actually been taking in this past year. Also because I hadn’t seen Lily in four years, I had to squeeze in everything that has basically happened in my life these few years. It’s easy to forget all the achievements I’ve made and looking back made me feel good about myself. This just means that anything can happen in the next four years, even when at times it feels like nothing’s happening.

Like right now I feel like I’m stuck with this one song I’m writing. I love the story and I’m going through it in my head almost every day but there’s so many different ways of going in to it, that I feel like I’m actually writing five songs at the same time, and they are all jammed at the "door" because they’re all trying to get through at the same time. Haha. I just have to give myself some time and these songs will eventually come to me. That’s how my songwriting usually works. The best songs just happen when it’s the right time. I miss performing my music though so hopefully we don't need to wait for my new stuff too long.

Good night and kisses & hyvää juhannusta!