Mother' s Day

Lovely Mother's Day to all moms! 

This morning I surprised my mother with a sweet brunch. (Thank you dad for helping me!)

My mom is one of my best friends and I'm so grateful to have such a great and honest relationship with her. I know that she will always give me guidance in life and I am always a big part of her life as she is in mine. It's hard to explain how deep our relationship is but through all the fights and laughter I love her so much. She is inspiring, hardworking, funny, fierce and smart. She thinks and does big which I have definitely inherited.

She supports and believes in me and my dreams. And so does my dad. They make the funniest couple ever and I always have great time with them. I'm thankful for having such amazing and good people as my parents who I can call my best friends.

I'm a lucky girl.

With mom looking like sisters in NYC four years ago.