Working hard

Sweaty after two hour dance practice

Excited before the first day

The second week of my studies here in London will start tomorrow. The first week in Mountview was intense and amazing.

I've been waking up around six every morning to go for breakfast, get coffee, catch a buss and go to school early before the classes start with my new friends to go through stuff (singing, dancing etc.) from previous classes so we can be as good as we can.


With these talented girls

Let's do some acting  

After school I have also stayed to go through stuff while it's still been clear in my mind.

Cool after school

After getting back to Muswell Hill (where I'm staying) around 6 pm I have usually been quite worn out and just went straight to bed after dinner but on couple of the nights I have still gone to a dance studio to repeat exercises and choreography to be better on class the next day. I've been going to bed around 11 pm.   

I get  a lot of energy from the amazing and talented fellow students who I really enjoy spending time with. Every one is highly motivated and as a group we get great results quickly. This weekend has been wonderful because I have been able to sleep in. On Friday I just crashed to my bed after school. 

Morning practice at school before the class

I'm very excited for tomorrow and the new challenges next week will offer. I really love this. I got to put my storytelling skills in music, acting and dance and practice in safe highly motivated environment. That is just everything.

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