I love it here !

Monday at lunch time couple of weeks ago

Monday at lunch time couple of weeks ago

Hello from London!

I haven't updated my blog for a while but I thought that now could be a good time to share something. I love it here! School takes almost all of my time but I'm enjoying my studies a lot. I probably haven't ever felt as free and as myself as here now.

In December I said I'd do a recap of last year at some point but I decided to look back at it like this: a lot happened in 2017. Some of the biggest things was getting a record deal, an amazing place to study and that I moved here in London. And all these things happened in such a short amount of time. I also worked intensely towards my music, creative writing studies and applying and then traveling here in London several times for auditions. Last year was also quite a tough year for me. Even though many of my dreams came true, I decided to let go of some of the things I thought I wanted to pursue. I realized that as hard as letting go is, it's also very refreshing.

I've always been very good at planning my life but here in London I'm actually really learning to live in a moment. There hasn't been too much time to hang in the past or worry about the future. It seems like so much interesting stuff is happening all the time and I want to focus on whatever I find myself doing.

Things happen in seconds. I'd rather lose myself in the moment than lose moments.

Days are long here but time goes so fast. I'm now at home sitting on my bed typing this and after I'm done I'm gonna leave to school. I have a busy week ahead once again. One of the best things about studying here is that I never know what discoveries I will make in my work or in myself during a day. Wonder what today brings.

Have a great week everyone! Kisses!

Holiday in Hanko & Helsinki


Hi! I've been spending the holiday with my family in Hanko. I arrived to Finland on the 18th and before Christmas I shortly visited my friends in Helsinki and had a great time with them. Today I'm going back there to celebrate the new year.

It's been good to be back in Finland but I can't wait to be back at school. I still have lots of homework to do but I'm not stressing about anything at the moment. Hanko is such a quiet and peaceful place and Helsinki isn't too much of a fuss either compared to London.

Tonight I'm going to focus on celebrating life with my friends by meeting new people and just having fun. A lot happened this year but I will do a recap later.

Hope you all have lots of fun tonight and take care of each other!

 Till next year!

Random stuff

Today was such a beautiful day. Photo by my lovely friend Nancy

Today was such a beautiful day. Photo by my lovely friend Nancy

Greetings from London!

I've been so busy with school lately but I love what I'm doing here. I'm learning so much every day. A lot has happened during my time here, so I decided to make a random list of stuff rather than open up anything specific in a great detail.

This fall...

...I've met punch of wonderful and talented people who I'm lucky to share my journey with. Everyone has such an interesting and different backgrounds which made me realize that I didn't know too much about British culture after all.

...I've been taught by amazing teachers. I just love all of them! They see every student as an individual and they really care, which makes me feel so good. They and my fellow students make it easier to freely explore, fail and then eventually succeed.

...I haven't had a lot of time off but I have had some time to focus on other stuff than school every now and then. Weekends are good for that.

...I've studied Stanislavski and Meisner acting methods, Greek theatre, Commedia dell'arte, Elizabethan era, Restoration era, dance, voice, singing, Laban, Alexander technique and contemporary text (analysis and project). The second block of my studies just started two weeks ago and I'm now doing scene study, yoga, animal studies in movement, exploring some playwriting and acting on camera, focusing deeper on Shakespeare and also working on a Realist project. So, punch of fascinating stuff.

...I've seen some wonderful shows here but not too many yet. When I get off to the Christmas break I will have some free-time here before I travel to see my family, and I already know that I will see this one amazing musical on the West End... (can't wait) I will get back to you about that later!

...I've written lots of good lyrics and I'm so excited to sit down with them and work on some new music. I thought that last spring and summer were the times of an emotional rollercoaster ride but I'm still very much on that ride and it's going pretty fast. It's been quite of a year.

...I've eaten so many chocolate croissants and pain au chocolates but luckily there are even more steps of stairs at my school.

...I've found that I'm actually quite of "a mover". I've been given such a great feedback on my movement and I've been able do so many things which I didn't know I could be good at and I'm very excited about that. This is something I definitely want to keep on developing.

...I've realized that life in London is very fast. Everyone has things to do and somewhere to be. The city life is quite hectic. Gladly there have been moments when time has briefly stopped like when I've lost myself in a story of a good movie or eaten something overwhelmingly good, listened one of my old favorite songs or when I walked in a cold rain in the middle of the night with someone I really like.

...the weather has been surprisingly great. I didn't expect that there would be such a beautiful and colourful fall in London. In Finland, the weather seems to get awful very quickly during the fall months. I've had so many sweater weather days here which I have really enjoyed.

...I've definitely been asking lots of questions from myself lately and I'm moulding the idea of the kind artist which I am and want to be. Music and acting are my life.

...the last round of auditions for West End's Matilda were held at our school at the same time when we had classes on one Saturday. I felt excited for those little girls.

...I got an amazing opportunity to go see a special viewing of the Murder on the Orient Express at the UK opening night on the 3rd of October and we had a Q&A with Sir Kenneth Branagh.

...I've started to get use to the idea of living in London and that this is my life now. I'm very excited to go home to Finland for Christmas though. Finnish Christmas food is so good and I really miss spending time with my family.

All these random things are just a small taste of what I've been experiencing here in London. I strongly feel that this is where I am supposed to be right now and let's see where all this will take me in the future.